While most of us have been bopping around town in our short pants and t-shirts these past couple of springlike days in Acadiana we are all about to receive a reminder of the winter blast the area experienced in February. That reminder, if you haven't gotten yours already, will come in the form of your monthly utility bill.

Judging by some of the reactions that we've seen on social media the bitter cold snap is threatening to break a lot of household budgets by causing some incredible increases in utility bills. Most of those payments for increased usage charged at higher kilowatt per hour rates are showing up in bills that are arriving in South Louisiana homes this week.

In Kaplan the City Council there is taking steps to shield residents from these higher-than-expected energy costs. The Council voted last night to approve a resolution to offer levelized billing for customers who might experience a large one-time increase brought about by the February cold snap.

During the cold snap, KATC Television is reporting that the cost went from .03 cents per kilowatt-hour to .11 cents per kilowatt-hour. The Council's decision last night means the city will absorb the cost of the one-time rate increase. In other words, Kaplan utility customers will pay the same rate for utilities in February that they were paying in January.

The city should be reimbursed for the extra utility costs from funding included in the American Rescue Act which was signed into law by President Joe Biden earlier this month. City officials say that the city, with this federal money, is in better shape to absorb the extra costs than many of their customers might be.

And since we're in "saving money mode" how about we look at some ways to save a little more cash on one of South Louisiana's favorite meals, er snacks, er it's boudin, we can eat it when we want to.

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