Batten down the hatches! Is the world ready (willing and able) for another Bieber?!

Justin Bieber isn't enough for Pattie Mallette! The famous mom, who gave birth to The Biebs 20 years ago last week, tweeted that she wants to expand her brood of one.

Mama Bear Biebs tweeted a pic of herself holding a baby. Clearly, she was bitten by the baby bug. She's so cute -- the baby and Pattie!

Technically, it wouldn't be another Bieber, since Pattie and JB's dad Jeremy are long since broken up and we don't expect a reunion to take place for the purpose of producing another spawn.

Plus, there can only be one Biebs.

Pattie, who will turn 38 next month, admitted she has not had sex in years and that she wanted to wait until her son was of age before focusing on herself again. Well, The Biebs is 20 and it's time for Pattie to live it up. Maybe her son or someone can hook her up, like last time.

She's still a looker and while she is often relegated to "What does Biebs' mama think about his bad behavior?" gossip in the media, the author and strong woman has a lot to offer.

There's bound to be TONS of takers… as long as they pass The Biebs's sniff test.

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