I've recently rediscovered my love for fishing and have been coming home with fresh fish for the dinner table.

Trying to be healthier, I have been grilling the fish instead of frying it or baking it soaked in butter. To me, the grill gives the fish a delicious, slightly smokey flavor and is a healthier alternative to frying.

My "Grilled Fish Recipe" is not as much a recipe as it is a process.

I prefer to head and scale my fish and grill them whole (minus the head, scales and innerts!). As you can see, there are 2 fillets (on the halfshell) on the grill, but those tend to dry out easily so I usually just grill fish whole.

I use a Big Green Egg to grill, as the Egg is built in a way that helps the fish (or whatever you are grilling) retain its moisture, so the fish comes out perfectly flaky AND juicy!

One must be careful when grilling fish: if you decide to use wood chips to infuse a smokey flavor, you must go easy on the chips because the smoke can get to be too much. The fish soaks it up well.

I light my grill, set it up for indirect cooking, and bring it up to 300 degrees. I throw on a small handful of wood chips and allow them to start smoking, then I put on the fish. I cook them (without turning) until the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees. Then, with a spatula, I remove the fish and serve!

To prepare the fish: scale, head, gut, rinse, pat dry, and then coat with olive oil. Season the skin of the fish with your favorite all-in-one, or simply use salt and pepper. Also, season inside the belly of the fish. Since I have a rosemary bush in my garden, I also stuff the fish with a few sprigs!

Remember, when cooking fish on a grill, a little smoke goes a long way. Bon appetite!


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