I realized that there was something hanging out on my back patio, so I set a rat trap, and you won't believe what I found in it this morning!

Let me back up a little. As of late, I've been noticing evidence of some little friends hanging out on my back patio, so I set a mouse trap to see if it was a family of mice.

This is how I found the mouse trap the next morning:

Mouse Trap/Photo by John Falcon
Mouse Trap/Photo by John Falcon

Now, for those who don't see anything weird about the photo, let me explain: mouse hair(s) are shorter than the hair(s) caught in that trap. Much shorter.

I think I need a bigger trap.

So, knowing that I needed a bigger trap, my buddy Elliott let me borrow his rat traps. The first night, I only set one trap, and it harvested a large rat! So, the second night, I thought I would set two traps. This morning, one of the traps caught another very healthy rat. The other trap? What did it catch? Well, I'll let the video speak for itself. Watch!

Can you imagine how freaked out I would have been if the whole thing would have been in the trap?

It just goes to show: just because we call it a rat trap, doesn't mean it will catch only rats!

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