Jamie Bergeron is a musician, has a new company that will clean your garbage cans called Cajun Can Cleaners and NOW the Cajun music master has his own line of Jamie Bergeron's Cajun Jerky.  And after a very publicized battle with colon cancer, his life couldn't be more exciting.  He's my friend and I'm so proud of him.

Jamie Bergeron is probably best know for his band Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin' Cajuns but his talents aren't only on stage or in a recording studio.

Earlier this week, one morning after Emily J and I got off the air, we headed to Mel's Diner to discuss Debbie Ray's retirement and all of the responsibilities that would now be hers, over breakfast.  We weren't sitting in our booth 5 minutes when I was jolted out of my spot by the one and only Jamie Bergeron holding a big bag of his Original and Garlic Pepper Cajun Jerky which is now available in over 50 stores locally.

I love beef jerky and Cajun Jerky is some of the best my friends.  I hope you pick up a bag the next time you're out shopping.  It is amazing.  If you local grocer doesn't carry it, ask for it by name.

As a side note to this story, Jamie was on his way to the hospital to get fresh scans to make sure he is still cancer free.  Results won't be in for a few days.  We wish him 100% total health free of all cancer.



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