SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KPEL News) - Buc-ee's is one of the most popular and fastest-growing travel centers in the country. Each establishment, which features dozens of gas pumps and a massive convenience store, has become a beloved part of life in Texas and beyond.

Well, for most Texans, that is.

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A San Antonio-based travel writer recently wrote some incredibly strong words about Buc-ee's, and a lot of folks are very passionate in their response.

"I hate Buc-ee’s with the fire of a thousand suns," writer Jill Robbins wrote in an article for Fodor's Travel.

"My kids will occasionally convince me to stop at Buc-ee’s, but I’ve regretted that decision 100% of the time," she said. "I’ve come away from all my Buc-ee’s experiences anxious, irritated, and behind my desired timeline."

Buc-ee's via Facebook
Buc-ee's via Facebook

How Can She Hate Buc-ee's?

Robbins is apparently not a fan of large crowds and chaos.

"Buc-ee’s popularity makes navigating their parking lots unpleasant at best, especially during busy periods," she explained. "Cars are jockeying for the few coveted spaces near the entrance, and there are no signs or designated right-of-way for pedestrians flocking to the door. If you remember the old-school video game Frogger, it’s kind of like that."

Which, I guess, is fair. She does like the food and snacks, but "While I’ll grudgingly admit that a Buc-ee’s brisket sandwich can hit the spot, it’s not enough to make me change my 'I hate Buc-ee’s' tune," she said.

And, yeah, that's fair. Crowds suck, waiting for an open pump isn't fun, and waiting in a check-out line to pay over $50 for snacks and drinks can definitely force you to adjust your travel schedule.

However, Robbins appears to be in the minority on that. A lot of people are willing to go through all that for some Beaver Nuggets and a brisket sandwich.

The Reaction

There are some who agree with Robbins and her take. She shared the article on her Facebook page and got support from her fans.

People are shocked to find a negative opinion of the store online, with one tweet calling it potentially "heretical," but there was more than a bit of agreement with her in the comments.

"I feel like the writer took the words right out of my mouth," one person commented. "I cant do crowds. We went to one a few years back and even though we had to fight for a parking spot I didn't realize it would be that bad inside too. I walked in and almost chose to pee outside. I do appreciate the sparkling bathrooms and I love beaver nuggets but I'd rather never step food in there again. I didn't even stop to look around or buy any snacks. Buccees is a huge HELL NO for me."

Do you think the writer is right on target? Or is she blowing it out of proportion?

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