LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Some of us in south Louisiana are weekend brunch people. Some of us are midweek brunch people. Some of us just like an excuse for a mimosa or a Bloody Mary. Whatever category you fall into, this is a list for you.

People love a good brunch for a variety of reasons, and the popularity of this mealtime experience has become a cultural phenomenon.

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Here are several factors that contribute to the widespread appeal of brunch:


Flexible Timing: Brunch typically spans late morning to early afternoon, providing a more flexible timeframe compared to traditional breakfast or lunch hours. This flexibility allows people to sleep in on weekends and still enjoy a satisfying meal.


Diverse Menu Options: Brunch menus often feature a combination of breakfast and lunch items, offering a diverse range of choices. This variety appeals to different tastes and dietary preferences, accommodating both sweet and savory cravings.


Social Gathering: Brunch is often associated with socializing. Whether with family or friends, it provides an opportunity to come together, share a leisurely meal, and engage in meaningful conversations. The relaxed atmosphere encourages a more extended and enjoyable dining experience.


Celebratory Occasions: Brunch is commonly associated with special occasions and celebrations. From birthdays to holidays and bridal showers, it offers a festive way to mark events without the formality of dinner.


Libations: Brunch is known for its association with alcoholic beverages like mimosas and Bloody Marys. The inclusion of brunch cocktails adds a festive and celebratory element to the meal, enhancing the overall experience for many.

Weekend Ritual: Brunch has become a weekend ritual for many people, breaking away from the routine of the workweek. It serves as a relaxing and indulgent activity that symbolizes a break from daily responsibilities.


Culinary Creativity: Chefs often take advantage of brunch to showcase their creativity by experimenting with unique and inventive dishes. This culinary innovation contributes to the allure of trying new and exciting food combinations.

In essence, the love for brunch is a combination of factors—flexible timing, diverse menu options, social aspects, celebratory nature, libations, weekend ritual, and culinary creativity—all converging to create a delightful and enjoyable dining experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional breakfast or lunch.

So where are the best brunch spots in Acadiana? We asked, and our audience answered.

The French Press

This was actually the first place I had brunch in Lafayette. My mom insisted we try it, and I had some colleagues at the time who swore by it. Apparently, y'all are just as passionate about it and I can see why.

Just look at those pictures, and believe me when I tell you they taste even better than they look.

Park Bistro

It's a relatively new fixture on the scene in Lafayette, but it's already so popular that you definitely need to make a reservation if you want to catch a good brunch. The lemon ricotta pancakes are always perfectly cooked and the chicken and waffles are a favorite, too. But there are a lot of great cocktails to go with the meal, so enjoy yourself (responsibly) while you're there.

Cafe Sydnie Mae

Okay, so it's not technically in Lafayette. Just down the road in Breaux Bridge, Cafe Sydnie Mae is a popular spot for folks who love a good Cajun brunch. They add a distinct element to the atmosphere with great live music and other fun events to keep the crowd happy and full. If you haven't experienced it yet, you definitely need to.

Market Eatz

With two locations (Lafayette and Broussard), a great menu, and delightful cocktails, Market Eatz isn't just a market. It's a dining experience. The menu is touted as being developed locally by the owner, and it's got a ton of fans. Fans rave that it's "Absolutely delicious" and a "must-try."

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We've heard great things about Spoonbill, which routinely makes other lists of top restaurants in various categories. But the brunch service is one you rarely hear about, and yet it has a ton of fans. The chili shrimp hash (pictured above) is just one of the mouth-watering options that's been available throughout the years.

Tchoups Midcity Restaurant and Bar

If you want a good barbecue brunch, Midcity is a great option. Whether it's the selection of stellar brunch options or just a good, old-fashioned barbecue platter with a ton of meat options, you really can't go wrong. And, like other places, the cocktail options are amazing. Especially when they add a smoky flavor to theirs.

The Southern Spread

The food here looks absolutely incredible, and one of the top reviews we've seen is that, along with the food, fans rave about its "refreshing service with great music selection." You've got to swing by The Southern Spread and give their brunch a try soon!

Sundays Soda Fountain

Sundays Soda Fountain is also a relatively new-to-the-scene spot for great food in Downtown Lafayette, and even though it appears last on our list, it is by no means the worst. It's just hard to rank all these great restaurants, and Sundays is no exception. The food is incredible and live music makes the ambiance just perfect for a good Louisiana brunch.

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