We continue to follow the wildfires raging in parts of Louisiana, and the images get harder and harder to witness.

So many photos of the wildfires in Louisiana have hit close to home and it is so sad to see so many people lose what they've worked for.

In a recent photo taken, a beautiful home is shown and in the background, you see the flames from a wildfire.

Since this photo has gone viral, some on social media have noticed what appears to be a face in the flames.

The image is located just above the left-hand portion of the house and the "face" seems to be looking down on the fire that is raging.

Now, because we live in the digital age, we take many of these types of photos with a grain of salt because photos can easily be manipulated.

However. we wanted to share this photo with you and ask if you see what so many others have noticed in this photo.

Let's take a closer look, and again, direct your attention to the upper left portion of the house to see what many claim to be the face of Satan in this fire.

Shendel Howard FB
Shendel Howard FB

In another photo taken from Beauregard Parish, some claim to see another facial figure in the smoke.

Do you see it here?

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