Snakes are amongst the most feared things on earth. Here is a list of the eight venomous species that live in Louisiana as well as their respective locations.

With the weather warming up, it will be more and more common to see snakes beginning to come out of hiding. Contrary to popular belief, a shovel is not the best way to avoid danger from these legless animals  — education is.

While browsing the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries website, I realized they literally had everything you would possibly need to know about the snakes of Louisiana, so I decided to take some of that information* and share it with anyone else who may be deathly afraid of these animals they don't really know much about.

Of the 54 species that inhabit Louisiana, only seven snakes are venomous and our friends over at Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries say that the best way to stay safe is to be able to identify them and understand their behavior.

Here are those seven venomous snakes, and where they are all located in Louisiana.

Venomous Snakes in Louisiana

Here is a video that shows exactly what snake venom does to blood.

Your best bet when coming across snakes that you're uninformed about — is leaving them alone. If you have any questions, or need any more information on all 54 venomous and nonvenomous species of snakes in Louisiana, head on over to the official website of the Louisiana Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries.

Be safe, and remember, they're way more afraid of you than you are of them!

*All information provided by Louisiana Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries

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