Louisiana is known for it's wide rage of food offerings. We have entire festivals centered around food and live music so it's safe to say we take all things food very seriously. Whether it's Cajun, creole, Asian, or Mexican food, we have something for everyone's taste buds and budget.

Vegan-Friendly Shops And Restaurants See Demand Rise For 'Veganuary'
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If you were to ask people in South Louisiana where their preferred dining spots are I guarantee most people will admit that they enjoy cooking for themselves at home but end up eating out because of convenience. Part of that convenience is the affordable price. Well, fast food used to be 'cheap' and because of lower prices people accepted that they would be receiving lower quality ingredients.

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With the Debbie downer that is inflation, costs for both local and chain restaurants has increased at a rapid rate leaving many families unable to afford dining out especially if they have several children. It's hard to justify fast food meals when you know you are over paying for a lower quality meal,

Louisiana is home to over 100 locations of the fast food restaurant that was crowned as the most expensive. We initially thought Raising Canes or Chick-fil-A might grab the top spot, we were wrong.

Wendy's Named Most Expensive Fast Food Chain in the Country

Mashed did the honors of ranking the most and least expensive fast food restaurants and they gave Wendy's the #1 spot on their list.

Wendy's FB
Wendy's FB

Known for their square-shaped burger patties, Wendy's has historically topped the list of pricey fast food. In 1971, the average burger would cost diners around $0.30. However, Wendy's was charging nearly twice that at $0.55. In fact, from the 1970s to the 2010s, Wendy's burgers have consistently cost more than their biggest competitors, McDonald's and Burger King. Perhaps their commitment to offering "fresh, never frozen" beef is the reason behind the historically higher price tag. But regardless, Wendy's customers have to decide whether the extra pennies are worth it.

New Wendy's Menu Item

While they might be the most expensive fast food restaurant, we can't help but find ourselves wanted to try their new menu item. They teamed up with Cinnabon to create a sweet treat for their breakfast menu.

Fast Food Secrets You Need to Know

Social media has made it possible to share all the fast food secrets and hacks you need to save a buck. Here are some of our favorites, which you can definitely use if you're ever looking for a cheap meal.

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