Two people were injured in a horrible boat crash along the Tickfaw River this past weekend.

As temperatures begin to heat up, so does activity on the waters of south Louisiana. According to reports on social media that were confirmed by WBRZ, a catamaran valued at approximately $1 million dollars was "launched into a tree line" along the Tickfaw River, causing severe injuries to two of the passengers on board.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries say that a total of five passengers were occupying the boat at the time of the crash and luckily, none of them were ejected. A passerby was able to load all five people into his boat and bring them to shore where LDWF was waiting along with ambulances.

The two people who were badly hurt are expected to be OK.

Video from TikTok user @SwampStixxCustomRods shows the boat in the trees as a shocked reaction from the person recording the video could be heard as they approached the crash site.

Photos of the boat also surfaced on social media showing damage due to the crash.

The Tickfaw River is a river in southeastern Louisiana, United States. It flows approximately 85 miles (137 km) from its headwaters in Mississippi, through the swamps of the North Shore region, before emptying into Lake Maurepas.

The river is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and other recreational activities and this crash is a reminder to always wear your lanyard and use all proper safety precautions while operating on the water.

See the full story and news report here via WBRZ.

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