We've all done it. You swing by Dollar General on the way to the movies to pick up some cheap candy to snack on so you can save money, especially if you have kids.

We asked people to admit to the craziest food items they've ever snuck into a movie theater, and the answers are as great as were hoping they'd be.

Kris Luhaers via Unsplash.com
Kris Luhaers via Unsplash.com

Things People Sneak Into A Movie Theater

People sneak food and candy into movie theaters for a variety of reasons.

Concession stand items at movie theaters are often significantly more expensive than similar items purchased elsewhere. Sneaking in their own snacks allows moviegoers to save money.

Preference and variety are other reasons why people do it.

The selection of food available at movie theaters is typically limited.

People bring their own food to enjoy their favorite snacks or accommodate specific dietary restrictions that the theater's offerings might not meet.

Aside from cost and dietary reasons, some people sneak in outside candy and food simply for the thrill of "being bad".

AMC Movie Theaters
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This being said, most movie theaters have policies against bringing outside food and drinks into the cinema. These policies are in place partly because concession sales are a significant source of revenue for theaters, helping to offset the high costs of operating the theater and acquiring films to show.

The next time you go to the movies and sneak in outside candy, just keep in mind that it's cutting into theater's money.

As usual, everything we do here in Acadiana is a little different than what others do around the country, and this includes the things we sneak into movie theaters.

We asked you what's the craziest food item you've ever snuck into a movie theater, and your answers did not disappoint!

Bucket Of Chicken
Unsplash Via Joël de Vriend

From buckets of fried chicken, to cracklins and wine, it seems like you're not scared to sneak anything into a movie theater.

Below are some of the incredible answers.

We've omitted the names to protect the innocent...

1. Raising Cane's Combo Plus Drinks

2. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

3. Fried Shrimp

Fried Shrimp
Unsplash Via Tareq Ismail

4. A Bucket of Fried Chicken

5. Taco Bell Plus Drinks

6. A Fifth of Crown Royal

Crown Royal Robe
Unsplash Via Utopia By Cho

7. A Daiquiri

8. A Large Papa John's Pizza

9. Chicken Shawarma Plates

10. A Six Pack of Beer

11. Watermelon Chunks

Republican Candidates Take Part In Iowa Straw Poll
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12. Jello Shots

13. A Baked Potato

14. Nachos and Margaritas

15. Boudin

Staff Photo

16. Five Guys Burger and Fries

17. Sushi

18. A Zip-Lock Bag of Spahgetti

19. Boiled Crawfish

Boiled Crawfish
TSM Staff

20. Gumbo

21. Cucumbers and Wine

22. Cracklins

This last one has to be our favorite

23. Chuck Roast Rice and Gravy


24. Pickle in a Pouch

25. Cauliflower

26. Sopapillas

27. A Judice Inn Burger

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

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