Pure nightmare fuel.

A woman in Texas is on the mend following a bizarre incident when a snake fell out of the sky and onto her arm.

How Did A Snake Fall Out Of The Sky In Texas?

According to CBS news, Peggy Jones of Silsbee, Texas was mowing her lawn when the snake came hurtling out of the sky. landing on her arm.

The snake wrapped itself around Jones as she struggled to get free.

"The snake was striking in my face, it struck my glasses a couple times," Jones told CBS news. "I was slinging and slinging, he was striking and striking, and he just kept hanging on."

Jones had been mowing in an open area leading her to believe the snake was dropped by a large bird.

Unfortunately, Jones would learn that was indeed the case.

Hawk Joins Battle With Snake

With the snake firmly wrapped around her arm, Jones was next visited by a hawk who was not happy about the reptile's initial escape.

"The hawk grabbed the snake that was wrapped around my arm and pulled it like it was going to carry it away," Jones recounted for CBS. "And when he did, it flung my arm up, The hawk was carrying my arm and the snake with it."

Eventually, the snake released its grip on Jones who was left with bloody puncture wounds from both creatures. She was treated at a local hospital and later released.

Jones told CBS the whole ordeal has led to sleepless nights as she frequently thinks back to the terrifying incident.

"I've never had a problem sleeping," Jones said in the interview. "But this, I've probably gotten seven or eight hours total in the last two weeks."

Silsbee is approximately 100 miles northeast of Houston.

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