Newly Grammy-nominated gospel singer Bobbi Storm received backlash online after she reportedly refused to stop singing to other passengers on a full flight.

Over the weekend, Storm shared an Instagram video of herself singing to her fellow passengers after learning about her Grammy nominations.

The clip shows Storm arguing with a flight attendant after he asks her to "be quiet" and sit back down in her seat.

"I'm charting right now on the Billboard [charts]... It's not a disturbance," she insists.

"Are you going to be quiet?" the flight attendant asks her.

"But they're enjoying it, so while we're sitting here could I please...?" she pleads.

"I'm not enjoying it, so I'm asking you, can you be quiet?" he asks her again.

"Am I gonna go to jail if I don't?" she responds to the attendant, adding, "I'm doing what the Lord is telling me to do."

"I'm your flight leader and I need you to follow my instruction... If you're not able to follow my instruction, you will not be taking this flight," he tells her.

After agreeing to stay in her seat and be quiet, Storm then turns around to the passengers behind her and says quietly, "So I'll sing it on the low for y'all in the back."

Watch the ordeal unfold, below:

Footage from the moment also went viral on TikTok. In the comments section of the viral video, viewers criticized the singer for challenging the flight crew member's instructions and for likely disturbing her captive audience.

"The silence from the people around her is LOUD," one person wrote.

"Doesn’t matter what they think. If he’s asking for some quiet, you listen. Doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not," another commented.

"The flight attendant is trying to do his job. Bobbi needs to chill," someone else weighed in.

"I’m all for good feel vibes but there are also people who want to just sleep or work," another viewer shared.

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Speaking to USA Today about the about the viral moment, a spokesperson for Delta airlines said "safety" is their main concern.

"Delta has been in contact with the customer. For the safety of our customers and crew, it's always important to follow crew instructions," Delta said in a statement.

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