If you are on social media, you may have already seen this video circulated on Facebook featuring a high school in Lake Charles and their insane field and training facilities.

The high school that we are talking about is Barbe High School in Lake Charles. Barbe is known as a baseball powerhouse not only here in Louisiana but they are nationally known by baseball programs across America.

Barbe Baseball Twitter
Barbe Baseball Twitter

Why? Because the Barbe baseball program has won four national titles and 12 Louisiana State baseball championships.

The video you are about to watch chronicles all parts of the baseball facility. The first time we watched it we were shocked to see how nice everything was. It looks like a Major League baseball training facility, with meeting rooms, a weight room, and batting cages.

The thing you will see on the video that may make your jaw drop will be their locker room. It is insane with a TV above each locker showing the player and their number. They also have a huge light-up sign on the roof of the Barbe baseball logo, and next to the locker room is a player's lounge with four massive TVs, snacks, and couches.

It is so nice and as the video will outline, it is possible because of private donors, fundraisers, and advertising the program does each year. Ready to check it out?

How nice is that? Who knew that we had a first-class facility like this in Lake Charles? Very nice and we are proud that it is right here in Southwest Louisiana for kids to utilize and further their career and future.

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