Two crew members died after their former co-worker showed up at a shipyard outside New Orleans and fired shots. It happened yesterday afternoon at the FMT Shipyard in Harvey. First responders were called to the scene around 1 pm.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto tells WDSU News that the suspect, Willis Thomas Jr, had been terminated within the last week. After the shooting, Thomas is alleged to have called his mother who picked him up and drove him to an apartment complex nearby.

That's when Thomas came face-to-face with deputies near a dumpster. He was shot and killed. The Sheriff says he was armed and threatened officers.

The company where the shooting happened has released the following statement:

"A tragic shooting event occurred earlier this afternoon at the FMT Shipyard in Harvey, LA. The Company understands that the shooting involving one shooter and two victims occurred today among contract workers at the facility. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families."

At this time, the victims have not been identified publicly. Authorities have said that could happen as soon as today.

Workplace Shootings In America

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace shootings accounted for a significant portion of workplace homicides.

"There were 392 workplace homicides in 2020. There were also 37,060 nonfatal injuries in the workplace resulting from an intentional injury by another person. The five occupational groups with the most workplace homicides in 2020 were sales and related, transportation and material moving, management, construction and extraction, and production. Homicides in sales and related occupations accounted for 23.5 percent of all workplace homicides in 2020."

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