We love you, Rob.

KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo announced on social media today (July 18, 2023) that he is celebrating 35 years of weather forecasting in Acadiana.

Rob started his weather journey in Acadiana at KLFY-TV 10, and on his very first forecast, he was introduced to a Southern delicacy, Cracklin.

Chuck Huebner, who was at the time a reporter and anchor on the KLFY desk, introduced Rob to Cracklin after he covered a fair earlier in the day.

Rob Perillo
Rob Perillo

Rob graciously took the piece of cracklin and ate it, probably not knowing what it really was.

Well, things didn't go so well for my buddy Rob Perilllo, he choked on the piece of cracklin just as Huebner "threw it to him" on the set.

You have to believe that Chuck Huebner knew what he was doing, and this was his small way of welcoming Rob to South Louisiana.

Being the ultimate professional he is, Rob was able to get through this, but not before requesting a glass of water.

35 years later, this video is just as entertaining as it was on LIVE television.

Congratulations to Rob Perillo on 35 years of service to Acaidna, we are safer today because of your passion and love for weather forecasting.

Care for a piece of cracklin for old-time's sake?

Here's Rob looking back on his many years in the industry and in Acadiana.


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