The International Space Station will be flying overhead tonight, and you'll be able to see it clearly around 6:27.

According to KATC TV3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, we should have a really great view of the space station as it zooms overhead at around 10 times the speed of a bullet.

Yesterday, we were able to witness one of the SpaceX Dragon capsules approaching the International Space Station in this time-lapsed video. Tonight, when we see the space station overhead, both of the Dragon capsules will still be docked to the internationally-manned satellite.

Another celestial phenomenon we hope to be able to witness soon will be Saturn and Jupiter appearing in the sky very close together. Some are calling it the "Christmas Star" since it is happening near the holiday. The two planets should be closest to each other on December 21st, looking almost like a single star.

Be like Rob and set your alarm so you'll be reminded to step outside to see the space station fly overhead. Besides, when was the last time you saw $133 billion sailing over your head?

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