If you are a child of the space-race age like me, you get really pumped when you can see a man-made object flying overhead that is actually in outer space! It happens all the time and, actually, it'll happen again tomorrow morning.

The first time I saw satellites flying over was when I had taken a trip to Wyoming with my Uncle Paul. We were way out in the woods camping, it was a clear night, and there probably wasn't a man-made light source for miles. Those elements added up to a perfect night for star-gazing.

As we were identifying the constellations, I noticed what I thought was an airplane flying overhead. That's when my Uncle Paul blew my mind by telling me that I was actually seeing a satellite.

Satellites do not have blinking lights as aircraft do, so spotting one will usually happen just after dusk and right before dawn when the satellite is way up there basking in the sun while we are still in Earth's shadow.

Tomorrow, October 5, 2022, you should be able to see a total of 39 satellites flying over Acadiana.

16 units of the SpaceX Starlink Satellite System will be visible beginning around 5:40 AM.


Then, at 6:04 AM, a series of 8 more SpaceX Starlink Satellites will be visible.

Tomorrow evening, at 7:33 PM, 32 more SpaceX Starlink Satellites will travel overhead, along with Satellite Titan 4B.

Shortly after that, at 7:41 PM, two more man-made objects in orbit around Earth will be visible: the International Space Station and a satellite named Tiangong.

Darpinian's website is a great resource for when satellites will be visible to the naked eye in your area (the website's URL contains the words SEE A SATELLITE TONIGHT). The website even uses Google Street View to let you know where to look to see the satellites.


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