The space experts out there are saying that Acadiana will get a good view of the International Space Station as it passes over this evening. Be sure to be outside at the right time, as it will only be visible for approximately four minutes.

Space Shuttle Discovery Continues On Its Last Mission
NASA via Getty Images

When I say space experts, I of course mean our guy @robperillo with our media partners at KATC-TV3 who posted the below Tweet.

Look up, Acadiana! The ISS will be passing over us at around 6:20 p.m. CST tonight, November 16, 2021.

But, don't look away for a second because Perillo says the International Space Station will only be visible for a few short minutes. The ISS is currently carrying ten people on board, so be sure to give them a wave!

NASA image
NASA image

For all of the space-nerds out there, such as myself, you should check out @modeless on Twitter who has a website that helps you see satellites from your backyard.

Enjoy the view while it lasts, Acadiana!

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