Is love the most powerful emotion?  I used to think so, but it may not be.  Hear me out on this one.

Love can conquer all, right?  But fear can be the emotion to mess it all up, right?  Think about it.  Fear can mess up love by putting the fear of losing love in your thoughts.

Losing someone or something is also a fear that in many ways trumps love.  We get so scared of loss, we can't enjoy the love we have in our lives right now.

In addition, people all over the world have seen themselves in their perfect job but are too afraid to go after it.  That dang fear can really mess things up.

So I think the most power emotion may be fear.  It's up to you to make sure love is of the highest power in your life, everyday.  It's so easy to let fear and negativity prevail, you must remember to not let them.  Fear will only win if you let it.  So don't let it!

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