I love New Year's resolutions. Really. It's a great time to evaluate what I need to change about myself and my surroundings, and I usually stick to them because I don't have huge expectations of success, or failure. I just do my best.

I love the fact that there are now apps, and websites to help you stick to those resolutions. Apps! Some of my favorites were compiled by USA Today, and I thought I would share, because it's never too early to make your list for 2018.

  • Curiosity App - sends you five new topics each day, so that you can broaden your horizons, and feel way smarter
  • Headspace App -  meditation that can change your life, with just a few minutes each day
  • Good Habits App - an easy and fun way to track your daily habits, and make sure you stick to the good ones!
  • Read Me App - for the person who wants to read more in the new year
  • Stand Up! App - this one's perfect if you are at a computer all day, and don't normally take breaks. It sets reminders to get up and get a little exercise, even if you're working!
  • 24 me App - your own personal assistant, as it brings all of your tasks and to do lists together in one convenient location. No excuses anymore about getting organized
  • Yummly  - learn to be healthier with this awesome recipe app. I love Yummly because it tells me exactly how many calories, carbs, sugars, and sodium each recipe has
  • Interruptive - if you are chronically late, this one's for you. Sets reminders in advance of important events so that you can't ignore them. You can also set them for goals, like ' time to start cleaning out my closet'. This one's awesome!

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