It’s that time of year again when we all make a resolution to make a positive change in our lives. Every year, New Year’s resolutions get made and broken within a few months.  We’re all gung-ho at the beginning, however, when the freshness of the new year fades, many people start to cheat on their original plan. Often, it’s because the goal is too hefty like diets, weight loss, saving money, quitting smoking, and traveling more. This year, simplify your New Year's resolution. The simpler the goal, the more attainable it is. Here are a few fresh ideas for simple and healthy resolutions that are easy to keep.

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Add veggies to your day:  Whether it’s sautéed in your meal, in a salad, or raw. We all know that vegetables are good for you.

Add citrus to your day:  When you’re at the grocery store, be sure to pick up grapefruits and oranges.  Even if it’s just adding some fresh lemon to your water. The vitamin C will help your skin look healthy and helps with collagen production.

Schedule regular doctor visits: Take a day to call all of your doctors and schedule your appointments for the entire year, including the dentist. All you have to do after that is show up for each one.

Take the stairs every opportunity: Obviously, it’s exercise but we won’t even notice we are really exercising.

Make your home smell good on the regular: Smell actually helps with emotion and moods. Make sure you always have fresh flowers or candles. A few examples are peppermint can boost energy and lavender can eliminate stress.

Volunteer: Give some time and energy to those in need. Time is the best gift anyone can receive and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Try new hobbies: Take your boredom and excess use of your smartphone away for the new year. Try something new like a painting class, a yoga class, kickboxing, or daily journal writing.

Meet new people: Don’t miss out on networking opportunities. Overcome shyness and get out and make new friends.  Strike up a conversation. Get involved in the community.

Practice politeness and kindness: We all know good manners make everyone happier. Add more politeness to your day.

Eliminate negative people: Being happy is a domino effect of healthiness for your life. Don’t let other people’s problems bring you down. Spend more time with people that matter.

Read more: Make reading a habit.  Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day.

Drink more water: No explanation needed.

Be tidier: Simply pick up as you go. Chaos and clutter can have a negative impact on your mood.

Get better sleep: Make a bedtime and stick to it. You’ll be happier and more productive.


Obviously, we will have days we may not do what we hope to. When you have those days, it doesn't mean we completely give up on our resolution. We simply pick up where we left off. Get psyched about 2020 being a healthier and happier year by making a SIMPLE and ATTAINABLE resolution.

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