As the coronavirus outbreak continues, many people who had to cancel vacations for the summer decided to install a pool at their home instead. But is it safe to swim during the coronavirus outbreak? What precautions must be taken?

Taking a vacation during the time of a global pandemic can be a dangerous task. If your family has a vacation home somewhere "away from it all", you will probably be okay (as, most times, "away from it all" includes "away from THEM all"). If your family is packing the camper or RV and hitting the road, you'll probably be okay (if you practice social distancing and proper hygiene when stopping for fuel, etc). But what about those people who are headed to the beach or to a resort with a pool? Or, those who have a pool who want to invite friends/relatives over?

According to the Center for Disease Control, properly-treated pool, hot tub, water playground/park, or spa water should inactivate the coronavirus. The bromine treatment or chlorine treatment of water is not all that is needed, though: the CDC recommends that, while in the pool/waterpark, proper social distancing measures and face-covering measures should be practiced.

Even when around a pool or similar environment, a 6-foot separation between people should be practiced, along with the wearing of a face covering. If your face mask gets wet, it is no longer as effective, so it's recommended that a dry mask be used.

Have a great vacation!


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