Every kid (and adult) needs an Evangeline Maid Bread Girl Tattoo!  All you need is the empty bread wrapper, a cotton ball or tissue and rubbing alcohol.

A few evenings ago at a gathering of friends, the subject of Evangeline Maid Bread tattoos was brought up. I chimed in saying that I had never heard of that before. So my buddy Wade Trahan gave me a lesson about the famous girl on a bread wrapper.

He said when he was in school, everybody did it.  Well at least the guys did. Trahan said, "They would cut out the Evangeline Maid Bread girl from the top of an empty bread wrapper (the largest pic). Take a cotton ball or tissue loaded with rubbing alcohol and rub it on the picture. Then firmly place and hold the picture on the area you want the tattoo for about a minute, peel off the picture and you'll have a cool instant Evangeline Maid Bread Girl tattoo!"

Evangeline Maid Bread Tatoo
Wade Trahan

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