It seems like Americans are getting more and more "sue-happy", and I don't think I'm the only one who is saying it's kind of disheartening. Especially when we live in a state that prides itself on being religious and loving God, this story has me wondering what is the world coming to. I'm frankly shaking my head.

Earlier this week the American Atheists, the Mississippi Humanist Association and three Mississippi residents who claim they are "non-religious" filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Mississippi for their “In God We Trust” license plate. The phrase has been used on license plates in the Magnolia State since 2019. According to WVUE in New Orleans "The complaint accuses the Mississippi Commissioner of Revenue of violating the people’s freedom of speech and religion by forcing them to display this religious message on their personal vehicles."

Geoffrey T. Blackwell of the American Atheists told WVUE “Every minute they spend on the streets of Mississippi, atheists are forced to act as a billboard for the state’s religious message. Some can avoid being a mouthpiece for the government by paying a penalty.” The lawsuit also claims there are no alternatives available for those who do not want "In God We Trust" on their vehicles.

This is not the first time the phrase "In God We Trust" has been under fire in Mississippi. In 2020 the motto was chosen for the newly re-designed state flag, which replaced the old Confederate battle flag that had been used for decades. Citing similar constitutional concerns the Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit.

For his part, Governor Tate Reeves is calling the lawsuit "a publicity stunt"


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