In 2018, I only watched one video that made me pause immediately and shout out loud "NO FREAKING WAY". This is that video.

It took all year for me to find my favorite, surprising video of the year, but I'm so glad I finally stumbled across this gem of a clip. If you now me, you know I love illusions. I loved the black/blue dress debate, and yes, it was black and blue.

Basically, stuff like this trips me out so hard, I find myself consumed by it for most of the work day.

I have shown everyone in the office this video just so I can see their reaction, it's usually exactly like mine.

In the clip, you see a long icicle hanging from an outdoor faucet. There's no need to debate it, it clearly is an icicle.

Well, until he runs his hand through it and it's 100% non-frozen flowing water.

You have to see this!


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