What if I told you that for $24 you can take inches off of your waist instantly?

Well, you won't actually take any inches off of your waistline, but a dress from Fashion Nova is currently making its rounds on social media for the "optical illusion" that makes the person wearing it look "snatched."

A video from TikTok user 'xojemian' got a ton of looks on TikTok as she modeled a $24 Fashion Nova dress that seemingly made her waist disappear. People freaked out as she tightened the dress and cinched her waist down multiple sizes within seconds.

The 'Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress' from Fashion Nova instantly became the hottest dress on the internet after it left millions of viewers with their jaw on the floor. One TikTok user decided to try it for herself.

Obviously, the dress going viral has wiped it completely out of stock on the Fashion Nova website, but you can still get notified when and if sizes do become available.

Fashion Nova

Real-world reviews seem to show the dress is just as good as advertised, as multiple women boasted about the way they looked in the garment.

Fashion Nova

Not everyone was impressed with the "illusion dress."

Some were even rude when it came to their reply to the hype around the viral dress.

As the dress continues to go viral it's tough to think anyone will be able to get their hands on one to try it out, so in the meantime, tell me about one article of clothing that provides a similar "illusion" for you.

Keep up with the dresses availability here via Fashion Nova.

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