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Late night TV and a credit card can be a dangerous mix. Before you know it, you've a whole bunch of gadgets, and a big, fat bill. Many of the items they hawk are kitchen items you don't need, Ginsu knives, some kind of magic juicer, stone frying pans, and a magic wok. Several years ago, I was given an omelette pan. I've used it once. I do make a lot of omelettes, by the way.  I've owned the black skillet in the above photo for more than 30 years. It stays on my stovetop, unless it's in the oven. As you can see, it works well for broiling a steak. The same applies for pork chops, chicken, fish fillets, scallops, burgers, and the list goes on. Like stir fry? You don't need a wok. Use your skillet. By the way, pecan oil gives stir fry a very nice, nutty flavor. I've used my skillet to bake cornbread, and make homemade french fries. They're easy to clean, and they last a lifetime.

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