I've always said that the difference between women like myself and ladies from "over there" is that we'll always ask for our Tupperware back... I'm pretty sure that Barbie would, too...

Let's face it, stereotypes, while sometimes hurtful, often have some truth to them... That's why I think I find this so dang funny!

Sure, sometimes having a good cooler (read Yeti) is more important than making sure you have car insurance, but having a Yeti is an INVESTMENT! Plus, you'll use it when you're hunting, fishing, hanging out, at fish fries, crawfish boils, at the ball field, at Mardi Gras parade, etc... Oh yeah, it also keeps your beer cold.

Of course, we like our camo in Louisiana, too. After all, we do live in the 'Sportsman's Paradise' and we have to make sure we can sneak up on Bambi.

You can't deny that mullet, though... I still see them to this day. Just look around next Saturday morning when you stop for gas at any convenience store ... I guarantee you'll see at least three as they head out to the lake or the camp boat or ATV in tow! However, you can't make fun of Tony Chachere's or mud boots. Those are essentials!

Either way, I think the folks from Cajun Giggles did a good job with this if they're the ones who actually photoshopped this masterpiece. What do you think? What would you add/change or do you think they're good the way they are? Mais yeah!

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