I think we can all agree that 2021 has been a rough year.

Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse than 2020 we welcomed in a New Year that came with its own fair share of obstacles.

Among the toughest things we have witnessed in Acadiana is the closing of restaurants and locally owned businesses. Every business that has closed over the past year has had a different reason but for many, the pandemic, labor shortages, and simply the inability to keep up with newer restaurants led to some of our favorites shutting their doors for good.

Let’s take a look back at some of the restaurants that closed in 2021:

Toot Toot’s Kitchen in Youngsville:
This announcement came as a bit of a surprise to their customers and fans. Toot Toot’s announced that it would close for good on August 6. The Facebook post got a flurry of comments from stunned customers but did not give a reason for the closing.

Bread & Circus Provisions:
This one was also a surprise to many. While this popular spot adapted to the pandemic times it, unfortunately, could not recover enough to stay open. In August the owner's Manny Aguello and Abi Broussard Falgout sent out emails announcing the closure of the business.

However, it seems that the food that had us all in a frenzy is still available on Saturdays at the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market.

Randol’s Restaurant & Seafood Processing:
The announcement of this restaurant closing may have been the biggest surprise of the year. Randol’s had just celebrated 50 years of existence right before the announcement that they were closing their doors came out. While many are excited to see a new business come to town it still doesn’t take away the pain that a staple in our community won’t be around for future generations to experience.


East Gate BBQ Express:
This restaurant in Youngsville was known as a “Texas-style BBQ with a South, La twist” announced on August 1 that it would officially close.

“It's been an honor to serve our great customers, and we appreciate all that have had a positive impact on our business,” the restaurant posted on Facebook.


Zuhause Bakery and Coffee:
Now, this closure may be temporary as the Facebook post announcing the closure indicated that they may be relocating in the future. The bakery and coffee shop is looking to potentially open smaller locations in and around Downtown and the Youngsville area.


Southern Roux:

Google Maps
Google Maps

While I never had the chance to try this drive-thru location out, I heard nothing but great reviews! This restaurant started out as a food truck and made the decision to open a restaurant off of Verot School Road in February. A few of their favorite dishes were gumbo, shrimp & grits in a bowl or Waffle cone, and boudin sandwiches.

While we were doing some research for this article there were several restaurants that were mentioned that closed before 2021. Since it sometimes feels that the last two years ran together I decided to give these favorite restaurants a mention.

Blue Dog Cafe- Closed in July of 2020.

Dat Dog- Closed its Downtown location in 2019.

Don’s Seafood Downtown- Did not reopen after the shelter in place mandates were lifted during the pandemic in May of 2020.

Saint Street Inn- Announced that they would be closing for good at the end of the year in 2019.

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