A bit of sad news for a seemingly popular local business.

Zuhause Bakery & Coffee announced on social media yesterday that it will be closing its Johnston Street location. This Saturday, July 3rd is the last day the bakery will be open.

The bakery is located in the Southern Plaza Shopping Center at 6774 Johnston Street near E Broussard in Lafayette.

Zuhause originally opened in September of 2017 offering up German-inspired baked goods made from scratch, and fresh food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

About two years after opening, the bakery underwent new ownership. At the time, those new owners said they would ideally want to see a new location within 12-18 months.

Now it appears only the latter will happen as you can see in the Facebook post above that the Zuhause owners are hoping to re-open the bakery in a new location.

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