Before I get attacked, I mean those ABNORMALLY BIG, cosmetically altered over-sized lips.  I'm all for using modern science to look better, but come on.

You've all seen them, mostly on TV, women who CLEARLY went overboard with the lip injections.  It just doesn't look natural.  Are men really attracted to that?

I think if you need a little plumping because your lips are too small for your face or because they decreased in size after a certain age, that's FINE!  But don't you think some women take it too far?  Like, if your lips look like you've been hit by a wooden door, that's just too much...right?

Now the new thing is to take a shot glass, put your lips in it and suck as hard as you can.  Teenagers are actually injuring themselves doing this, trying to look like celebrities.

Enough already!  Look natural!