Hurricane Idalia is heading towards the Florida coast, mainly north of Tampa, but we will need to follow this storm.

As this massive hurricane approaches Florida, meteorologists say it will strengthen into a Category 3 storm a slam into the western coast of the peninsula.

From there. it will impact parts of the eastern coast of the United States and then re-enter the Atlantic.

While back in the Atlantic most models have it heading back out towards the east, but a few weather models suggest that it could slam back into the eastern portion of Florida.

From there models like NOAA's Global Forecast System (AVN0) and the NHC's Trajectory have Idalia crossing over the southern part of Florida and heading back into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

From there the models take it across the gulf and have it making landfall between Texas and Mexico.

While the chances are minimal, it is worth watching as we enter the peak time for hurricane season.

At this time, Hurricane Idalai does NOT pose an immediate threat to Louisiana, but again, it is worth watching in the days ahead.

By now, if you live along the Gulf Coast you should be "hurricane-ready' and you should always have an evacuation plan ready in the event of a storm hitting your area.

Another great tool for hurricane season is this radio station's mobile app. In the event of a storm hitting Louisiana all of the important information you will need will be sent directly to your phone via the station's app.

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