We all know that we have a unique way of speaking here in the south. And Yankees just don't get it. So, when I came upon a list of totally southern text message phrases, I just had to share with all my oh-so-southern friends. Thanks to Strictly Dixie for the biggest laugh I've had all week! Feel free to add your own in, and let us know what your favorites are.

  • FYI - For Y'all's Information
  • WTF - What To Fry
  • ITO - In The Outhouse
  • HYH - Hold Your Horses
  • OMG - Order More Grits
  • DCB - Dang City Boy
  • DTBA - Don't That Beat All
  • OTD - Older Than Dirt
  • IFT - I'm Fixin' To
  • BYH - Bless Your Heart


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The OMG one though! Share with someone you know will love this.

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