A video has surfaced on Facebook that shows a truck plowing into a motorcycle, then a school bus and the person behind the wheel was allegedly texting and driving.

Blake Comeaux, who is now in Lafayette General recovering from the injuries he sustained in this accident, is lucky to be alive.

The wreck, which happened last Friday near Mire Elementary, was caught on surveillance video and it should remind all of us to put our cell phones away while driving.

Blake tells our media partner KATC-TV 3 that he has a broken pelvis and an injury to his lower spine. He hopes to return to work one day and also hopes that this video reminds others to NOT text & drive.

He tells KATC, "If I get any type of settlement from it, I believe I am going to put a lot towards a program to start to get people to put the phones down while driving."

As for the kids on the bus, several were transported to an area hospital and treated for their injuries.

State Police have arrested Savana Savely of Lafayette and charged her with reckless operation, negligent injuring, texting while driving and no seat belt. KATC reports that Savana Saley is the girlfriend of the man on the motorcycle.

To watch video of this wreck, CLICK HERE.

So scary.


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