Here is a pic of two cans of Tony Chachere's seasoning. It's obvious that the one on the right is older, but by how much?

Tony Chachere's photo by John Falcon
Tony Chachere's photo by John Falcon

I made a gumbo at the in-law's over the holiday weekend and asked if they had any Tony's. They said, "if we do, it will be in the cabinet above the stove".

Would you use the can on the right? I looked for a date printed on the can, but couldn't find one. The can was about 3/4 full, and there was a bit of 'clumping' going on in there (I gave it a good shake and it sounded like it all broke up). I played it safe and got a new can, but could I have safely used the "old" Tony's?

Just by looking at the graphics on the can, you can tell that Tony's marketing department has come a long way!

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