If someone was wiling to give me a ton of cash, I'd be happy to disconnect.

We live in such a connected world, don't we? Even right now as I am typing this, my phone is sitting right next to my computer. I imagine that I will check my phone at least three times during this typing session. Do I have notifications that I need to address? Nope. It's just a need within all of us to see what's happening around us.

Now, what if I asked you to give up your phone for 30 days? Could you do it? What if I told you there was money involved? Now, I'm sure while you were reading that sentence you thought of a dollar amount. How much was it? $5,000? Maybe $10,000?

How about $100,000?

According to a recent survey, the wealthy individuals of our nation say it would take that much money for them to unplug for a month. 35 percent of well-off people would need that amount. I'm sure many of those rich people use their phone to close business deals that involve dollar amounts that are beyond my imagination, so I guess it's understandable. A slightly smaller number, 28 percent say that they would need $1 million.

Kind of makes you feel foolish for thinking $10,000 would be enough, doesn't it?

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