An attraction in the French Quarter of New Orleans has many saying "I can do that."

If ever you've walked through the Quarter in New Orleans you've probably seen many attractions from people dancing/singing to folks carrying exotic animals.

Well, there is a new attraction in the French Quarter with disco lights and a pull-up bar, much like you'd see at any gym.

People are paying $10 per try to hand on the bar for 120 seconds, two minutes. And while it seems rather easy to do, few have had any success.

If anyone is able to complete the challenge, they win $100 cash on the spot. which isn't bad if you're bar hopping in New Orleans.


Check out this video from the French Quarter and watch as many fail to complete the challenge in front of friends and strangers.

All that I know is whoever came up with this is a genius, and they're making a lot of money for not doing much.

One more thing, are you going to try this the next time you're down in the French Quarter? If you do, may I suggest that you try this challenge prior to consuming your favorite beverage?

Here are the folks who lost their $10.


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