There are a million different time wasting apps for your smart phone.  Full disclosure - I literally just finished blowing 10 minutes on Candy Crush.  If you are a parent, there are also some very useful apps for monitoring your kids in order to keep them safe.

In a partnership with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association, Offender Watch has crafted a brand new mobile app designed to keep dangerous predators away from kids in the Bayou State.  It's called Safe Virtual Neighborhood, and it works by closely and meticulously monitoring your child's online and real-world activity.  If a registered sex offender tries to make contact with your kid's Snapchat - it knows.  If your child's phone is physically near an offender's address for more time than it takes to walk past or drive by - it knows.

Safe Virtual Neighborhood runs in the background of your kid's phone, watching texts, emails, location, phone calls, and more - all while cross-checking everyone they come into contact with against state and national databases to ensure you and law enforcement knows who is talking to who.  Once you download the app onto your young-one's phone and activate your account ($9.99 for the family per year), Offender Watch's technology starts patrolling for registered sex offenders.  If any attempt contact, law enforcement is notified immediately.  Parents receive a call right away, much like  the way a burglar alarm works.  Families enrolled in the service will also receive notice via email and post when a registered offender moves in to the neighborhood.

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