No man on earth knows how it feels to be a woman.  Our bodies are completely different.  To try to get men to understand one aspect of the female body, a Japaneses video published a few days ago, attempts to explain to men, how it feels to have breasts using animals strapped to a male body.

The female body is a beautiful, complex, unique machine of curves and contours designed to catch the eye of red-blooded men from New York City to the most medieval secluded underdeveloped places of the world.  It's in our DNA.  But do most men understand the female body?  Most importantly, have men thought about trying?

You can take this video as 'funny' or as one of the most elementary and important educational tools ever created for males.  Every man on the planet should be forced to strap animals to his body, as in this video, to help him understand that what may be attractive to his sexual mind, can be a burden to the opposite sex.

Men will never fully understand women and women will never fully understand men.  Not physically or mentally.  But when the internet gives the world a fun way to bridge the learning gap even just a little, we must take it.  Laugh and learn.

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