Several people have been arrested and charged in connection to the storming of the US Capitol in Washington, DC last week, but how are authorities tracking who was there?

Of course, authorities are using social medial posts and are pouring through hours and hours of surveillance videos to identify the suspects, but they are also using other technology to help them along.

According to this Tik Tok user, there is an underground network of cell 'towers' installed around the Capitol building to help lawmakers maintain connections while they are in session. If any of the rioters had their cell phones on, there will surely be a log of all of the connections those cell towers made. Also, according to the video, there are probably other wireless technologies (think wifi, Bluetooth, etc) that can help authorities track and/or prove who took part in the riots that recently rocked the nation.

We give up so much privacy when we make the choice to take advantage of the technology available to us.

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