You dropped your cellphone and shattered the screen, you've called all around town and it's going to cost a lot to fix it. Or maybe you spilled your morning coffee on the keyboard of your MacBook and now your laptop is essentially an expensive coffee cup that won't turn on and has to be replaced.

Cellphones and computers are necessities these days, but when something happens to them, it can be costly. Most people don't even bother to get their cellphone screens replaced anymore. And who has the money for a new laptop?

Thanks to a TikTok video, people are getting their Apple electronics repaired or replaced at no charge.

Someone on TikTok asked, "If you have worked for a large corporation, like a chain of as restaurant or a retail place, I want to hear the secrets that only the employees know". That prompted @Tanicornerstone to reveal Apple's "surprise and delight" policy. Did you know the Apple Store had a "surprise and delight" policy? Most people don't.

So here's how it works...every employee of the Apple Store has a quota of times they can go far and beyond the call of duty to help out a customer by repairing or replacing a broken Apple product at no charge. Apple calls it, "surprise and delight".

Of course, Apple employees usually only use this kind gesture on people who are nice, not rude customers.

After @Tanicornerstone, who once worked for Apple, revealed the secret on social media, her video went viral. Billions of people now know about Apple's "surprise and delight" policy.

@Tanicornerstone took to TikTok with a follow-up video

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