Along with the newest version of iPhone, Apple has officially released its newest update, the iOS 16, and it is a big one.

The newest update comes with a few new features, but one of the biggest is the ability to edit or delete text messages. Say goodbye to accidental texts and hello to taking back the things you maybe shouldn't have said.

GregsGadgets via Youtube
GregsGadgets via Youtube

Wondering how to do that? 4WWL TV has it all laid out for you.

According to the news channel's article, these are the steps a user needs to follow to delete a text message:

  • Press and hold the "undesired" text message and a "Quick Actions" menu will pop up
  • Select "Undo Send"
  • Users only have two minutes after sending to delete the message

There are a few stipulations, of course, that users need to be mindful of. The user must be using iMessage. This means that if you are texting someone who has an Android phone, deleting won't work for you.

The most important tricky part that you need to keep in mind is that if the person you are texting with doesn't have the update, they could still likely see the message even if it is deleted.

And these are the steps to follow to edit a text message:

  • Press and hold the text that needs to be edited and a "Quick Actions" menu will pop up
  • Click "edit"
  • After editing, click on the blue check mark to make the update
  • Users can only edit a message up to five times

Again, a there is a stipulation for editing messages. It only works for iMessage and will not work if you are texting an Android user.

There are other new features that the update brings. A few of them include customizing the lock screen, changes to photo taking capabilities, and possible CarPlay upgrades. You can check out a full list of new features and details on the Apple website.

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