Who's willing to try this one?

Gas prices have gone down in recent weeks, but with inflation, as is, we are all still looking for ways to save money.

Well, here's one hack that the E.P.A. says can help you save on gas while traveling for the holidays.

The agency says that if you put a half-full bowl of WATER in your car it can help you save on gas.

Here's how, the bowl of water will remind you to not speed and to not accelerate too fast. The half-filled bowl, which should be in plain sight, is there in hopes that you don't let it flip over or spill.


We've often heard that staying under the speed limit is more fuel efficient. Plus, the bowl of water will remind you to not "floor it" when it comes time to drive through an intersection.

The bowl of water should be placed on the empty passenger seat or floorboard.

I doubt that anyone here tries this here because the way some drive in Lafayette, people would be wiping things down every day.

If you do elect to try this, let us know how this works, and Good Luck.


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