Video on social media appears to show the moments after a man accidentally shot himself in his privates. The home surveillance footage shows that the man also accidentally hit his dog in the incident.


Gun safety is no joking matter. For one man, he found that out the hard way.

According to a viral social media post, the man was trying to remove his gun from his waistband when he accidentally discharged the weapon.


The video shows the man running to the door of the home while shouting for help. People inside of the home began running outside to see what the commotion was about.

Quickly, those present realized that there was an emergency going on. One person ran to a truck in order to transport the injured man to the hospital.


Unfortunately, the man's dog was also caught up in the accident. The video shows that the dog is moving around but is holding one paw up in the air. The man yells for someone to take his dog inside as he is clearly concerned about the animal.

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Privates

See the video for yourself shared on Twitter by @DailyLoud below.

See reactions to the footage here.

While the man apparently suffered a serious injury to his genital area, most online were concerned for the health of the dog.

I, too, hope the dog is OK. While I understand that accidents can happen, it is unfortunate that someone's carelessness not only affected themself but also an innocent animal.

Hopefully, both parties involved were able to make a speedy and full recovery from the accident.

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