One man, who is known for his jokes, has found a way to deter criminals and now some here in Louisiana should consider this tactic.

In recent years we've seen an uptick in vehicle break-ins and many are looking for ways to remedy this pandemic.

Local police departments continue to warn citizens to not leave valuables in their vehicles and to never leave anything that may be enticing in plain view.

Sadly, that has not stopped some from breaking windows and digging in vehicles in hopes of finding anything.

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Well, one guy came up with his own way to scare off potential thieves and it involves fake cockroaches.

A photo was sent to me and it shows what looks like roaches all over the seat of a vehicle. Yes, they're fake but to someone who may be looking to get into this car, they look very real.

The hope is that once a potential thief sees the roaches, they go on and do not break into this vehicle.

A few months ago we shared photos of what some in New Orleans were doing to deter criminals and that included leaving notes on their windows asking would-be thieves to not break their windows.

Well, this tactic is great and if you're still dealing with thieves in your community, you may want to consider this cheap deterrent.

Check out how real the "roaches" look in this vehicle.


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