You may recall the story of Ramsie Baumgardner, a senior at North Vermilion High School who was killed on Highway 167 earlier this year.

To recap, Baumgardner was traveling south on Louisiana Highway 167 near Abbeville when a northbound vehicle in her lane slammed into her car head-on.

Some of the contributing factors to the crash, according to friends and family of Baumgardner, are a lack of signage and a lack of enough lighting.

Emma Hebert, who considered herself as Baumgardner's 'best friend", is writing an argument to have more lights installed on Highway 167 in hopes of avoiding another tragedy.

The argument is part of her LSU English 2000 class, and she will be using the information gained from a short survey to back up her argument.

Hi everyone. My name is Emma Hebert, and I am conducting this survey for my LSU English 2000 researched argument paper. After losing my best friend Ramsie Baumgardner to the unsafe roadway of 167, I decided something needs to be done. I am wwriting my paper to state officials such as the head of Louisiana DOTD, state representatives, and the state senate. I am urging these individuals to realize just how unsafe Highway 167 is and to act so that tragedies such as Ramsies do not occur again.

I am asking you to be 100% honest on this survey so that the information I use is credible. Also, you may submit this anonymously.

Thank you for help. - Emma Hebert via Facebook

Emma posted this week and, though almost 500 responses were submitted, the majority of them were from people her own age (16-22). She is needing a much broader age range of respondents to get a better idea of how locals feel about the roadway.

If you ever travel Louisiana Highway 167 between Maurice and Abbeville, Hebert would certainly appreciate you taking the short survey and, when completed, share the link with your friends.

Kudos to this lady for trying to make a difference.

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