A vigil was held last night at North Vermilion High School to honor the life of Ramsie Baumgardner, a senior at the school that lost her life in a car crash over the weekend.

According to the report, the crash happened Saturday night on Highway 167, about 2 miles north of Abbeville. A wrong-way driver was driving north in the southbound lanes of Highway 167 while Baumgardner, 18, of Maurice, was driving south. The cars collided head-on.

The crash resulted in the death of both drivers.

The death of Baumgardner has left the North Vermilion community shaken, as she brought light everywhere she went.

Friends, relatives, and even strangers she encountered through her job as a server are leaving heartbreaking memories on her tribute, mentioning her laugh, her smile, and her "heart of gold".

via Facebook
via Facebook

A candlelight vigil was held last night at the North Vermilion High School gymnasium. Superintendent Tommy Byler of the Vermilion Parish School Board posted a video from the vigil.

The gymnasium at North Vermilion, judging by the video, was at standing-room-only capacity, filled with friends and loved ones seeking to share their grief and honor the memory of Ramsie Kate Baumgardner.

At the vigil, North Vermilion's Chorus teacher Jonah Slason led a musical tribute to Ramsie at the end of the gathering by singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", while those in attendance held candles to "light the way" for Ramsie.

Superintendant Byler started his post by thanking the faculty at North Vermilion High School for providing a means for students and family to gather to pay tribute:
A beautiful celebration of the life of Ramsie Baumgardner tonight at North Vermilion. Thank you to the administration and faculty for creating an opportunity for the community to honor this young lady and be strong for one another.
Byler finished his post hoping that Ramsie's life will be an inspiration to others:
A fitting tribute to end the ceremony with the chorus teacher Jonah Slason singing Somewhere over the rainbow and the students lighting the way for Ramsie. Fly high young lady your love of life and of people will hopefully inspire others to do the same.
According to Ramsie's obituary, visitation will begin today at 4 PM at Vincent Funeral Home in Abbeville.
The obituary mentions that Ramsie was a donor to the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) showing that, even in death, Ramsie Kate Baumgardner wanted to give of herself to help others.
In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to be made in Ramsie's name to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
May she rest in peace, and may her friends and family find comfort in the light she brought to the world.

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