A virtual ceremony will be held today, December 30th, at 8pm to honor those who have died in Acadiana.  You can add the name of a loved-one to the list so they can be recognized.

(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

According to KATC, A Lafayette woman, Madison Barras, is putting this ceremony together. Barras works as a death Douala to help families prepare for and deal with death. She started a Facebook event called the “Acadiana End of Year Vigil”.  Barras said there is nothing we can do to bring the person back who has died, but we can put an effort in to support and show our love for people who remain behind.

I'm excited for it to be an intimate thing. Grieving is an essential part of life and it's something that happens to everyone. Coming together as a community to come together and acknowledge that is really important. - Madison Barras

Barras is doing such a wonderful thing for these families and loved-ones that are grieving. What a beautiful way to remember and honor their loved ones.

Find the event page on Facebook by clicking here. It will link you to a google doc where you can submit the name of your loved one to be read during the ceremony. You can also get the google doc by clicking here.

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